If you have some issue following the steps of this page you can found more information in the DAppNode Documentation. You can Contact with the support team using Discord or making a post in the DAppNode Forum.


In the case of Local issues we recommend to contact to the team because it's a bit difficult the debug. Remembes you need to stay connected to the same network where the DAppNode it is. Furthermore, it's important how the network where dappnode it is connected distribute de IPs, if there is a DHCP server or if this IPs are set up manually.


You should check if you can see the wifi network which DAppNode creates. In order to connect to you will be requested by a default credentials that are the next:

  • SSID: DAppNodeWIFI
  • Password: dappnode

You can get more information about this kind of access on our Documentation


Once you have your dappnode turned on, set up and you can access via local or wifi you can set up the vpn access. In de DAppNode UI you have a section where the vpn is set up, you can find more detailed information in the next link.

I can't download the profile vpn file

In order to be able to connect to via OpenVPN you need to open some ports in your router. You need to open the ports 8092 TCP and 1194 UDP.

I can't connect to DAppNode via VPN

The first check we recommend to do is to use a device that is connected to a different network where the dappnode is, the most the easier way is to use a mobile with mobile network data. If you can access using an external network, it's probably that your router does not have the functionality NAT Loopback.

I don't know how to set up the VPN client

You can find a complete guide about how to configure the vpn client in this link

Contact to the support

You can contact to the team for support by Discord and Forum.